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UNIVERSAL Technologies understands the complexities and challenges that are inherent with large- scale enterprise data centers. By leveraging the relationships with our business partners, we have developed a rich portfolio of service offerings for the data center environment. UNIVERSAL Technologies employs seasoned IT professionals with significant data center experience associated with enterprise systems, networks, security, applications and management responsibilities. We employ experienced architects to provide technical leadership in emerging technology areas.

Data Center Assessment - UNIVERSAL Technologies will assess and analyze system and network performance, system and network security, system and network management and monitoring practice, operational and management practice, application resource and usage, storage capacity and usage patterns, system scalability and availability, disaster recovery plans, and user requirements of the data center. Results from the assessment will include recommendations for data center performance optimization, service level improvements, security enhancements, higher application availability, operational and management improvements and server consolidation.

Data Center Server Consolidation - Over time the typical data center environment needs to be optimized so that its main function in delivering high levels of application service to the end- user community is maintained. Acquisitions, new emerging technologies and storage hungry applications work against the optimization of the data center. UNIVERSAL Technologies will assess your data center environment and provide recommendations to maintain and optimize business application service levels while reducing IT costs and improving system and network operations and management through a server consolidation plan.

Data Center Management - UNIVERSAL Technologies will work with each client to outline the tools, methodologies, and industry best practices that suit the clients infrastructure. We work with our client to help build and manage a robust data center system and network monitoring environment and help develop operational procedures for your data center.

Enterprise Storage-based Management - UNIVERSAL Technologies designs and builds reliable enterprise storage networks using leading technology vendor products and services. We understand that the integrity and accuracy of mission critical data within the network computing environment is a key underpinning infrastructure requirement for the data center. UNIVERSAL Technologies has a long history of planning and designing enterprise storage solutions. We will apply industry standards and best practices SAN solutions that we have implemented throughout many state and local government agencies.

Enterprise Backup and Restoration - UNIVERSAL Technologies designs and builds enterprise data center backup solutions. We understand the sensitivity of maintaining mission- critical data availability for business continuance during a disaster event or a storage-based system failure. UNIVERSAL Technologies offers services in designing centralized data protection, backup and restoration planning and strategies, and backup and recovery management throughout the heterogeneous data center environment.

Enterprise Database Management - UNIVERSAL Technologies possesses the core competencies to architect, integrate, and manage large scale enterprise database centric projects. UNIVERSAL Technologies employs talented database architects and administrators with expertise in all leading database implementations including Oracle, Informix, DB2, SQL, Sybase, and Open Source MySQL and PostgreSQL. Our database services include:

Database Design and Architecture
Database Schema Design
Database Application Integration
Database Migration