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Business continuity is a key and necessary component for any organization's IT strategic plan. Loss of mission critical data during a disaster event or security attack can severely impact the bottom line. UNIVERSAL Technologies builds enterprise level IT infrastructures including disaster recovery architectures that provide operational resiliency and achieves successful availability to your enterprise applications.

UNIVERSAL Technologies will help you develop contingency planning and identify all critical path areas necessary to ensure that business and mission critical systems and applications are operational in the event of a disaster. UNIVERSAL Technologies provides our clients with a comprehensive availability assessment, availability readiness review and the development and implementation of a disaster recovery IT infrastructure to meet your business continuity objectives.

Our approach to a disaster recovery design begins with a review and needs assessment with our clients executive staff and MIS personnel to identify different disaster scenarios to be considered, including the financial impact of an outage for each system. We will perform on-site facility visits to any business site included in the disaster scenarios. We will provide evaluation of enterprise systems, applications and networking infrastructure to all facilities in areas relevant to disaster scenarios. UNIVERSAL Technologies will identify all significant network computing systems and classify those systems. We will develop recommendations per scenario for contingency planning to ensure that business critical systems can be operational in the event of a disaster.

UNIVERSAL Technologies also offers services to help you periodically test your strategic disaster recovery plan which can help eliminate unforeseen scenarios resulting in unplanned outages. The results of these tests will make sure that key personnel and MIS staff are equipped and ready to function in the event of an actual disaster.