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UNIVERSAL Technologies approach for implementation of enterprise security solutions starts with a comprehensive understanding of one's business process and assets. UNIVERSAL will work with your organization, analyzing both business and IT strategies throughout your enterprise. Results from these analyses will allow us to align best practice enterprise security solutions that our clients can use to make management and technology decisions consistent with their organizations business objectives.

We have a proven history of providing years of security services to NYC and NYS government agencies. Our highly-trained, experienced, certified staff will provide best practice and industry-standard security architecture, design, deployment and post-implementation services.

UNIVERSAL Technologies security services provide risk assessment, vulnerability analysis, penetration analysis, emergency security response and complete security infrastructure solution design, implementation and operational support.

Risk Assessment - UNIVERSAL Technologies will identify and value your organizations at-risk assets and help you create a basis for security budgeting, planning and policy. We will help you determine the significance of threats to assets, and the total financial risk of potential security breaches.

Vulnerability Analysis - UNIVERSAL Technologies will perform a vulnerability analysis to identify potential weak points within an existing security infrastructure and determine how an attacker might exploit them. Your security policy is analyzed, critiqued, and aligned with best practice industry standards.

Penetration Analysis - UNIVERSAL Technologies will perform a penetration analysis, a more significant version of Vulnerability Analysis. We will subject your infrastructure to friendly attack, discovering where real flaws exist and what the actual exposure is. We perform a number of sophisticated attacks which will provide UNIVERSAL Technologies the knowledge base in designing a security infrastructure "from the ground up" giving the best possible security solution available.

Emergency Security Response - UNIVERSAL Technologies can help you deal with security breach incidences. We help you organize your response to the incident and prioritize based on the realities of the situation. We will ensure that the intrusion has ended, as in a number of situations a skilled intruder often leaves behind back doors for future entry. We will restore your system to a functional state and get you back on-line. We can also help prepare your evidence for prosecution, if desired. UNIVERSAL Technologies will perform an Incident Analysis and help you figure out exactly what happened and how the intrusion took place. We will close the holes to help you ensure that the intrusion does not happen again. UNIVERSAL Technologies will also prepare an Incident Handling policy for any future security incidents.

Security Architecture and Design - UNIVERSAL Technologies will develop a security architecture using best practice techniques and state-of-the-art technologies. A security architecture design needs to be adaptable to the ever present security threats that face the network enterprise on a daily basis. We will ensure that a strong, secure infrastructure is in place to enable secure business transactions through your Internet, Intranet, and Extranet networked environment.