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Green IT on the Desktop

It has long been recognized that thick client desktops area a significant problem. Whether your focus is on Green Computing, security-centric computing, or simply the search for a more cost-effective IT infrastructure, thick clients move you in the wrong direction. Thick clients consume a disproportionate share of IT resources, have large carbon footprints, require frequent repair and upgrade, are major security problems, and can be challenging to back up and restore.

Thin clients are often thought to be the answer, but they are a half-way measure – they retain embedded operating systems that require patching and are vulnerable to viruses, and they require a client-side application in order to function.

UNIVERSAL’s engineers have been working for many years on eliminating the need for any kind of client, so that the desktop becomes simply an interface appliance, like a television.

Building a client-free environment is not a simple task, and we recognize that not all environments can become client free. However, when done right, the payoff can be enormous. Virtual clients can be a key component of a Green Computing initiative, with their low power consumption and heat emissions, as well as their dramatic reduction in the waste stream from regular disposal of obsolete PCs. Beyond this, they offer

Inherent security
Painless replacement of defective units
Rapid provisioning of new desktops
Centralized patching, software and OS upgrades
Centralized backup and disaster recovery
User session portability

In many ways, however, setting up client virtualization requires more planning and advanced work than server virtualization, and this is where the experience of UNIVERSAL’s architects and engineers comes in.

To reap the benefits, consideration must be given to issues such as the types of user profiles needed, the applications to be provided via the virtual clients, peak bandwidth requirements, and necessary peripherals. At our virtualization lab, we spend the time necessary to simulate our client’s environments and optimize the solution to the extent possible, before we begin the work in your data center.

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