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UNIVERSAL Technologies offers a full range of services to bring client virtualization to our customers.

Assessment – What applications are in use? How many users? Will the existing server and storage infrastructure support client virtualization? What peripherals might need to be supported?
Design – How many master images will be necessary? How much storage space and computer power will be required? What additional hardware and software needs to be purchased? What will the new network architecture be?
Lab Test (optional) – Are there any special software configurations or devices that need to be tested?
Proof of Concept (optional) – Limited scale deployment to demonstrate feasibility of the design.
Implementation – Full-scale deployment, testing and tuning of the designed virtualization architecture.
Knowledge Transfer – Creation of documentation, plus formal and/or informal instruction in maintaining the system. We build the environment and leave you with the tools you need to maintain and expand it.
Status Check (optional) – Scheduled or ad-hoc visits and/or remote analysis to verify proper functioning. We’re not going to leave you dependent on us, but we will be there to provide advice and help, when you need it.
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