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The Technology

UNIVERSAL Technologies combines VMware’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) with the Sun Microsystems’ virtual display client, the Sun Ray, for the ideal virtual desktop solution.

Sun has more than a decade of experience with virtual clients, and the Sun Ray family is fully mature. Versions include native dual-display capability, advanced video stream decoding, low-power operation, and plug-and-play functionality.

While the Sun Ray is the ideal display device, particularly in a Green Computing infrastructure, any thick or thin client capable of supporting an RDP session can be used as a virtual client.

VDI is the underlying architecture for client virtualization. The end user experience is virtualized by splitting the traditional desktop environment into three parts – user data, operating system and applications, which are combined to display the virtual client on the desktop device.

Splitting the traditional client can cut the per-user storage space required by up to 90%, because master images are used to create linked clones for each user’s client, and these linked clones are dramatically smaller, consisting primarily of pointers to the master.

Further efficiency, flexibility and control are possible with the application virtualization component – VMware’s ThinApp. With ThinApp, each master image no longer must contain all needed applications. Instead, the applications can be streamed to virtual clients in real time, on an as-needed basis, from a ThinApp server.

The virtual display client is the hardware piece of the virtual client solution. The virtual display client receives the client images from the VDI servers and transmits user input back to the data center.

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