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The Vision

Virtualization. It’s not just the latest IT fad. It is a gradual and fundamental, shift in the nature of enterprise computing. Whether you call it the cloud or the grid, whether you call it service oriented or virtualized, the message is clear. The decades-old vision of Sun Microsystems’ founder Scott McNealy is finally here – the network really is the computer.

Virtualization is becoming a competitive advantage, made necessary by resource constraints and a growing understanding of IT as an element of business strategy that can be made more efficient and flexible as demands change and initiatives come and go. Finally we have the ability to transparently interconnect resources, reducing idle time and dynamically allocating virtualized systems and pools of compute power and data storage as needed.

The benefits of server and storage virtualization are well known – reduced data center size, reduced direct power consumption, reduced cooling, reduced idle time, faster provisioning of new resources. But in order to be truly effective, virtualization needs to be planned and monitored. Virtualization of the data center is not an end in itself. Unplanned virtualization can result in not only a difficult to manage proliferation of virtual machines, but also the virtualization of machines that might better be left un-virtualized.

At UNIVERSAL we appreciate the power of virtualization and have forged partnerships with two of the industry leaders, VMware and Sun Microsystems. In doing so, we have put particular focus where only a few others have – on fully virtualizing the desktop, creating, in essence, a client-free environment.

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