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IT organizations are continuously being challenged with the every increasing need to provide secure and rapid access to business information. To compound this challenge, an unprecedented IT management function is required to provision secure access services to multiple resources. Further complexities are added by a continuously changing workforce, customer base and external partner user base. All provisioning services must be carried out without any compromise to the organization's best practice security policy.

Identity and access management are the fundamental building blocks for how secure services are enabled, provisioned, managed and delivered. The foundation of an identity management system includes: directory services, user provisioning and authentication, password synchronization between disparate operating systems and databases, single sign-on (SSO), user entitlements and special access to various resources, secure communications and delegated access management. Identity provisioning management and data synchronization software allows the administrator to centrally manage user provisioning and access. It also provides an administrator the ability to enable SSO through policy services that grants authorization rights to web-based and client server applications and asset resources.

UNIVERSAL Technologies has chosen the Oracle Identity & Access Management Suite for delivering end-to-end identity and access management services to our clients. We believe that Oracle’s leading-edge approach to the security challenges facing many organizations today provides a rich offering that addresses the requirements for the entire spectrum of identity and access management for the real-time enterprise.

UNIVERSAL Technologies methodology for delivering identity and access management services includes: business requirements and scope, project management, asset inventory, application and IT infrastructure assessment, IT security policy review, entire user access review, staged identity management application integration, training and support.