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Open Source software has penetrated the enterprise space and is now a market force. The Linux operating system and the Apache web server are the primary Open Source software operating system and application in use today. Open Source applications that provide mission-critical network services, including sendmail, bind (DNS), and DHCP for the Internet, have helped establish Open Source’s credibility as valuable and enterprise-ready. Thousands of Open Source software solutions are publicly available for use.

UNIVERSAL Technologies’ professionals continue to learn and evaluate emerging technologies that may offer alternative practices and innovative IT solutions, and Open Source technologies in the enterprise network computing environment is one of these areas.

The concept of Open Source software does and should raise questions: How do I integrate Open Source technologies into my business? What Open Source software should I trust and use? How much will it cost and who will support it? UNIVERSAL Technologies has the capability to help our client base answer these questions and design and deliver integration projects based on Open Source Technologies. We will assess and take an in depth look at your IT business need and recommend if an Open Source integration solution is best. Many factors come into play when deciding on Open Source such as budget, environment, and support personnel. We can help you establish an Open Source roadmap for your IT strategic plan.