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Maintaining the operational day-to-day state of the Data Center is essential when providing mission critical, business level applications to the end-user. Over time, disparate and distributed architectures evolve in the Data Center and increase in complexity. In order to ensure application high availability, optimal performance and service level agreements, skilled network computing individuals that understand multiple system and network architectures need to be in place to administer the Data Center environment. UNIVERSAL Technologies has the capacity to offer the right blend of system and network administration services for your Data Center needs.

UNIVERSAL Technologies applies best practice methodology to each administration project. We will perform a comprehensive site assessment and review with your Management Information Systems (MIS) organization. This will lead to the development of a practical change control process, documentation, network and system diagrams and operational day-to-day system and network administration tasks for your Data Center. The day-to-day tasks include:

Enterprise System Administration
Enterprise Security Administration
Enterprise Networked Service Monitoring, Control, and Reporting
Enterprise Storage Management
Enterprise Wide Backup and Restoration
Enterprise Directory Services Administration
Enterprise Network Administration (LAN, WAN, and Wireless)

UNIVERSAL Technologies assumes ultimate responsibility for system and network level performance and reliability for your Data Center services. We help our clients administer their network computing environment from the desktop through large-scale enterprise server systems.