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UNIVERSAL Technologies understands how important the network is to support an organizations mission critical business applications and systems. We understand that downtime is unacceptable and decreases in system and network performance result in loss of productivity and negative consequences to the bottom line.

UNIVERSAL Technologies can provide planning, design, integration and support of your enterprise network computing environment. UNIVERSAL Technologies has established relationships with leading enterprise systems and application vendors to ensure that we have access to all best-of-breed products and services on the market. We understand that each organization's environment is different and products that work for one organization may not be right for another.

Our integration practice and methodologies are based on sound industry standards that are proven and effective. UNIVERSAL Technologies will assess your IT infrastructure and your business needs to determine the best integration plan for your environment. The results of the assessment and readiness will lead to a smooth project integration and implementation. We drive an on-time and on-budget focus for all enterprise system and network integration engagements.

UNIVERSAL Technologies collaborates with our clients to enable effective integration of business processes. We bring a unique combination of vision, advanced technical skills, key vendor relationships and successful past experiences to each integration project. Our solutions will result in greater use of your enterprise resources and rapid return on technology investments.