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Desktop Virtualization White Papers

Microsoft white paper, June 2009
Virtualizing Windows on Sun Ray Thin Clients at the Microsoft© Enterprise Engineering Center
The Microsoft Enterprise Engineering Center (EEC) uses virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) technologies and the Sun Ray desktop client device to simulate client environments quickly and efficiently. Additional benefits include enhanced security, high reliability, user mobility, and a “green” data center footprint.

VMware white paper, December 2008
Solving the Desktop Dilemma with User-Centric Desktop Virtualization for the Enterprise
VMware View enables datacenter-based user-centric computing. By isolating operating system, end-user data and configuration settings, and applications, View provides a stable, flexible, and highly manageable virtual desktop environment.

IDG white paper, June 2008
The Promise of Desktop Virtualization
The use of desktop virtualization technologies is expected to increase over the next several years, reflecting the perceived benefits from reduced cost and increased manageability. Depending on the environment, virtualized desktops can be hosted in the datacenter or installed and configured on individual client machines.

Forrester white paper, April 2008
Demystifying Client Virtualization
Corporate PCs will increasingly be virtualized, but the precise manner reflects a balance between IT managers’ desire for control and end users’ desire for flexibility. Task-based workers, knowledge workers, and power users all have different needs, which are reflected in different options for delivering virtualized client environments.

UNIVERSAL Technologies white paper, August 2007
Enterprise Desktop Virtualization
Server virtualization and virtual desktop infrastructure technologies have combined to make enterprise desktop virtualization a reality. Desktop environments and enterprise applications can be hosted on virtual servers and funneled through a virtual desktop infrastructure to provide end-users with a completely virtualized desktop experience with the look and feel of a traditional business PC.