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UNIVERSAL Technologies will help you build a secure wireless infrastructure and provide you with a best practices approach while maintaining the entire security of your existing network computing infrastructure. A wireless infrastructure will enable your business and employees the mobility and flexibility to access wireless data services while ensuring that your data access is not compromised and privacy is maintained. UNIVERSAL Technologies will evaluate your current infrastructure to determine the best investment in wireless technologies that will meet your wireless business objectives.

UNIVERSAL Technologies will use risk assessments to help you understand the exposure that wireless networked environments create and how to effectively manage the wireless infrastructure while minimizing the security risk. Upon assessment, we will use sound methodologies in building a versatile, manageable wireless network infrastructure that seamlessly integrates into your existing environment and meets your business requirements. A deployment plan will be created for implementation of the secure wireless solution and services for operational support.

UNIVERSAL Technologies utilizes both commercial products and open source technologies in our approach for building best-of-breed secure wireless infrastructures. The strong and creative presence of the open source community has evolved and provides many scalable, reliable, and cost effective technologies that need to be considered for today's networked wireless enterprises.